"Six months to creating a life of living in peace and Living Intentionally by learning how to truly enjoy the moment you're in." 


How can you love your life just the way it is TODAY while creating the exact life you want to be living TOMORROW?






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(Designed for Physicians: Now offering 25 CME credits) 



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"You were not born to just go to work, pay bills, and die." 


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to be more organized, so you get a new planner, a new calendar, a new gadget. You get new boxes, or hire someone to declutter your space. 

  • You want to lose weight, so you join a program, buy the most recent app, get a new book, are always looking for the latest fad.  

  • You think if you were to get a promotion you may get better life-work balance. 

  • You will start working on your relationship and start scheduling date nights once kids got a bit older.

  • You want to exercise more regularly so you buy the newest bike, sign up for the new gym membership, buy a package of classes.

  • You want to live in the moment and not worry about what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day. 

You see, the "Intention" is there. So what happens?

Do It Anyway

Apr 02, 2022

The truth of it is, you know what you want. You need more than just the good intentions...


The problem is that you think the answer is somewhere OUTSIDE of you. 


  • The right diet.

  • The right exercise.

  • The right planner.

  • The right job.

  • The right marriage.

  • The right house.

  • The right kid.

  • The right situation.


What if I told you, your life is actually what is happening this very moment?


The secret to your happiness is not having the right intentions (you already HAVE those).


It's to live an intentional life.


How do you align your wishes and your wants with what you actually DO day to day?

It is to develop a relationship of acceptance and self compassion to learn how to create this life TODAY.


Not when things get better later now. 


"Tomorrow is no place to put your better days"

What if I told you that "someday" may never come?


As a palliative care physician, the one thing I promise you is  that no one is promised a tomorrow


Absolutely no one. Not me, not you...

I wish I was wrong on this one, but I have seen this day in and day out. 


Your life is this very moment. If you are putting how you want to live in the future, can you make those changes today?


Can you pivot TODAY?

"I know you're tired but come,

this is the way."



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Kayla C. , MD

Physician, wife, mother-of-special-needs child, Connecticut 


I have a better relationship with my job: My job is different but even if it wasn't, my relationship with my job would be better even if I had never changed jobs.

I have a better relationship with my parents and siblings-- I am able to connect with them in love without getting caught up in their drama. 

If you feel swept along by your busy schedule and at the end of your day you are left with frustration and fatigue and the nagging feeling that you didn't get to do what YOU want to do or questions like- is this really what I want from my life? Things look good on paper- so why am I not happy and satisfied with my life?

THIS program is how you figure it out.

As a palliative care doc, she shares her unique access to the intimate view from the mountain top at the end of life so that you can benefit from these insights NOW rather than get to the end of your life full of regret wishing you had done things differently before your time was up. 

I also love that her perspective is deeply down-to-earth and grounded in her experience as an immigrant, a parent, a sister, and a person who has gone through divorce who also found her way to a marriage and a partnership, work, and a life aligned with her values. If you are trying to find your way toward intentional life, this is your chance."

JK, Social Worker

Oahu, Hawaii

"As a social worker, I can sometimes feel that there is extra pressure to "have it all together." People turn to us for help, so it can be extraordinarily vulnerable to admit when we need help. I turned to Dr. Michaud out of desperation- I was not the parent that I wanted to be and something needed to change. I knew that something was me, but I didn't know how to change.

Working with Dr. Michaud helped me recognize my thought process. She patiently and supportively listened and asked pertinent, deep questions that uncovered my insecurities and fears, encouraging me to take the necessary steps to change my thinking, which would change my feelings and ultimately my behavior. Dr. Michaud is about positivity and empowerment. She practices what she preaches and is 100% relatable. She has many sayings that concisely capture her teachings and coaching lessons.

#1: You are not a painted wall."

Priscilla Vu, MD

Corneal Surgeon, Oregon

"I've had such a great experience with the group coaching sessions. They have very relevant topics towards living a more joyful and intentional life. I learn so much from others getting coached as well as we share many of the same underlying concerns. It has been an eye opening experience. Dr. Michaud is such a beautiful personality and really great at guiding you through ways to improve your mindset. I look forward to each of the weekly sessions and topics. "

Beril Buluku, MD

Pediatrics, Massachusetts 

"Coaching with Faryal has been the most transformative experience. The results are fascinating to me. I have been able to lose weight and know that I can maintain. I have learnt to manage my time and space in an entirely new way but the most important awareness that comes from coaching is that the stories, self critical thoughts and judgements do not define or control me. My life has become so much more intentional in ways that I didn't think were possible. Really grateful for Faryal "

Kim Kaffenbarger, MD

Palliative Care, New York

"I almost didn't take the leap of joining Dr. Michaud for a year's worth of coaching- what a mistake that would have been!

"Living Intentionally" has been a life changing experience for me. As a physician, woman, mom and wife, setting aside the time and the money for myself was a daunting commitment. It has turned out to be the best investment I have ever made! I am living my life more intentionally, and I have a new sense of calm and strength in my life.

I am also living my bucket list NOW- how fun!

The coaching has extended to every aspect of my life, and my interactions with family, peers and patients have improved because of the insight I am gaining into my inner thoughts and feelings. They yoga sessions are unlike any yoga I have taken in the past, and the instructors are the best that I have ever experienced. The journey with Faryal, Jen and Ami is a beautiful one, as you transform mind, body, and soul!"

Shumaila Sultan, MD

Neurology, West Virginia

"I felt that my days were a blur and I had thoughts of how I wanted to live my life but I didn't think it was possible. With Dr Faryal Michaud's guidance through one on one coaching, group coaching and her lessons, I was able to see the hidden potential in each day. My mindset changed which allowed me to live my life the way I always wanted to. I highly recommend this program to everyone! "

Cagla Titiz Kose, MBA

Entrepreneur, Turkey

"I really want to share this with others. The tools that Dr. Faryal Michaud teaches and shares in weekly classes and observing how they are adaptable to various scenarios (through our group coaching sessions) are totally mind blowing. It is as if she is handing me a magical key to unlock my inner and wiser guidance. "

Intentionally, we have limited spots for this intimate coaching experience:


Living Intentionally Coaching Program


A comprehensive 24 week long mind, body and soul program to help you get yourself back on track to focus on a future that is exactly as you wish it to be. You are the author of your own story.


Decisions move you forward.



Weekly Live Group Coaching

It's impossible to comprehend the effectiveness of weekly group coaching. This is where the magic happens, after a quick lesson, we allow a space for sharing and coaching. When you see others share their struggles, our common humanity is fully realized. You will be transformed whether your are coached or watch others be coached around their mindset. 

World Class Yin & Flow Yoga

Join Genevieve and Ami, two of the most accomplished certified yoga instructors practicing in Hawaii, who are also the most compassionate human beings, as they lead you through weekly live sessions of Yin and Flow yoga along with guided and iRest meditation. Both classes are offered live as well as recorded and are available on demand. You may want to do one or both. Either way, you'll love it.


Just practicing 10-15 minutes a day, will set you up for another life all together. My clients swear by this shift in mindset in terms of how this helps them "respond" as opposed to "react" to life. You may follow your own practice, follow a favorite app, or join Gene and Ami in their weekly practice to set yourself up for success. Learning to be aware of our thoughts is intimately related to mindfulness and meditation.

What are my current clients saying?

Feedback matters to me. I want to share my assessment. 

  • "Program exceeds my expectations": 100%

  • "The group coaching exceeds my expectations": 100%

  • "The weekly yoga exceeds my expectations": 100%

  • "The one on one coaching exceeds my expectations": 100%

Aloha, I'm Dr. Faryal!


On paper, I am a Board Certified Palliative Care Physician with 20 plus years of clinical and teaching experience. I also happen to be a Certified Professional Life & Weight Loss coach. I lived in Japan for some years and practice Eastern Philosophy and incorporate mindfulness teaching in my practice. 


You may also know me from my popular podcast called "Write Your Last Chapter".


In terms of what actually matters to me: I am a mother to two strong willed teenage girls, wife to a loving windsurfing husband, and a best friend to my only sister. I also happen to live in the beautiful state of Hawai'i. 


Who am "I" to tell you about this?

My clinical job keeps me very close to death and end of life. I have chosen to take care of people at the most vulnerable stage of their lives. 


This has created a sense of urgency and importance to how we live our lives EVERY SINGLE DAY. 


I give national talks at physician wellness summits encouraging all of us to Live Our Bucket List now not later when faced with a serious illness. 


My clients tend to call me relatable, down-to-earth, and someone who practices what she preaches yet goes through all the regular struggles they all go through except with a learned skill set to be...


  • Mindful. 

  • With perspective. 

  • With clarity.

  • With purpose. 


I want that for you, too


This is our ONE chance. This life is NOT a Dress Rehearsal. 


How are you going to play the cards that life has handed to you?


Let me be your guide through this transformation.  

What is the cost of NOT living?

(What is the price of your INACTION?)


What if you never get to all your intended hopes and goals?


  • Year after year putting the same New Year's Resolution down on the paper. 

  • Losing precious valuable time (our only commodity) to be any closer to the person you want to become.

  • Wondering if you can ever live a life of significance.

  • Always living in a state of worry, anxiety and regret.

  • Not to be able to set an example of what is possible for your children. 

  • Always wondering if there is a better way to live your one life. 

  • Questioning yourself: Is this my happily ever after?

  • Daydreaming: In a perfect world, what would my life look like?

What is the value of coaching?

I was recently asked by my own Life Coach to share my personal experience of what coaching has done for me with her potential future clients. 


Her clients were wondering if their investment is truly worth it. 


This was my response:


"Coaching is like remodelling your house (except in this case, it's your brain and mindset). Sure you can live in the old house, but what is the value of a remodel?


The next issue is that "character matters."


Who will you hire to do the remodel?


Someone you trust who acts from a place of integrity and authenticity. 


The value of remodeling your thinking with a coach whose integrity you trust is truly priceless

Course Components

I have designed this course to maximize your experience of learning the foundational skills of Living Intentionally. As you work through the course, you’ll find a variety of tools that will support you on your path.

I recommend that you plan ahead to allow ample time to work with the teachings over the coming weeks. You’ll need approximately one to two hours for each week in order to engage with the videos, as well as additional time every day to reflect on the course material.

My hope is that you will fully engage with a session and allow up to a week before you move on to the next session in the course.


Instructional Videos

In addition to the live coaching sessions that you will attend with me as well as the expert guest coaches, the backbone of this training is the instructional video segments that make up each class. In these video segments, I will offer the concepts, practices, and instructions for how to live your life fully in the moment every single day. Some sessions include related podcast or audio lessons in addition to deepen your learning experience.



One of the most powerful tools for deepening your self-understanding is journaling. It supports your progress and helps integrate content and practice into your daily life. I invite you to write a paragraph or two each day after engaging with the content, doing a practice or meditation, or simply reflecting on what you learned during the sessions.

Right NOW is the best time to change from just having good intentions and move into living intentionally...

We keep telling ourselves that we are going to focus on ourselves after something else happens. 

  • When we finish medical school.
  • When we are done with residency.
  • When we land the job. 
  • When we become a shareholder.
  • When we get married. 
  • When we have kids.
  • When we get the house.
  • When we pay off the student loans.
  • When we pay off the kids' education.
  • When we have grandkids.

As a palliative care physician, let me tell you: I see missed opportunities all the time. 

Your life is this moment. The future is not guaranteed. 

It matters that you live the life you want to be living. Let me help...


Including 25 CME/CE offering

Six Months For Meaningful Transformation

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching
  • Comprehensive Self Coaching Course
  • Weekly Yin Yoga & iRest Meditations
  • Weekly Flow Yoga & Guided Meditations
  • Weekly Recorded Lessons 
  • Weekly Self Assessment
  • Accompanying Podcast Episodes
  • Personal Portal Access
  • Recorded Modules & Videos
  • Slack community for support
  • Text access between coaching sessions
  • Year long access to the material

Let me share with you all the tools and workshops that have helped so many of my clients succeed. 

As a certified and professional Life and Weight Loss Coach, I have a tried and true set of skills and road maps to help you achieve goals you have always wanted to achieve. 

As a palliative care physician, let me remind you that tomorrow is no place to put your better days. 

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