A Love Letter

#acceptance #confidence #mindfulness #resilience Dec 13, 2021

At this stage of my life, I don't get love letters any more. Truth be told, my husband writes amazing cards for my birthday, mother's day and anniversaries, but this review is a whole another type of love letter. 

It made me smile and cry. I hope you take a minute to read it. 

This is what is possible for you when you invest in your self development.


"It is hard to remember who I was at the beginning of the year, as so many transformations have happened. There were circumstances: I finished medical training, started my first attending job, moved cross-country from Oregon to Pennsylvania, and got married during a pandemic. Then there were all the thoughts and feelings that went with these changes, and this is where the coaching completely transformed how I approached this year. Previously, I would've chosen thoughts that created unnecessary drama, now I choose thoughts of compassion and love. Previously, I would've chosen thoughts of overwhelm and confusion, now I choose thoughts that support growth and curiosity.

In this program, you learn skills that allow you to find answers from yourself- you into that wise future self. I felt like this program is a fast track to achieving any difficult goal or challenge in your life. I received so many tips that helped mw with eating more intentionally, decluttering, time management, improving my relationship. and working toward a bigger purpose. I now know how to prioritize my needs better, reduce anxiety, and have really toned down my people pleasing, which were my main personal barriers for success and happiness. I was able to say no to working weekends when my boss asked and make difficult wedding planning decisions with more ease because I shifted away from scarcity mindset and people pleasing.  Whatever goal you have, this program will help to navigate through the thoughts and feelings that block you from achieving it. It will empower you to find solutions toward living a more intentional life full of ease, and love. What you learn will bleed into all aspects of your life as well. I got a versatile toolkit to help me live life on my terms. 

Furthermore, I had a hard time grasping the benefits of mindfulness and meditation before this program. The program integrates yoga, mindfulness, and meditation into it, which has had a huge benefit on my learning to enjoy everything I currently have and being more present. The messy house is not a sign of chaos, but evidence that I live in a house that is used and loved. A patient encounter taking longer than expected is no longer a burden, but an opportunity for me to make a bigger impact for this patient. There were so many mind shifts and AHA moments I had throughout the year that made me realize how perfect my life was in that very moment. I think a year ago these thoughts would have been foreign to me. 

I have developed tools that make achieving my goals as well as approaching my day to day much easier. I feel challenges are not as scary, because I now have more control over my thoughts and feelings. I feel like I can choose new results and goals, and slowly approach them with patience, curiosity, and persistence...and not be disappointed in my setbacks. If you feel like your life is just not exactly where you want it to be, or you have a goal that you'd like to reach, I highly recommend you take a leap of faith and try this coaching program. You won't regret if you go in ready to do the work."

Priscilla Vu, M.D.

Corneal Specialist/Ophthalmology

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