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As a Palliative Care Physician, a Certified Life Coach and a Mindfulness Teacher.


How can you slow down to enjoy every single day of your life? What if you could create a life on purpose and with meaningful intention?

How can you learn to be more compassionate with yourself and turn down the constant self judgement? 

I am absolutely committed to help you live your best life starting TODAY.


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"There is a voice that does not use words. Listen." 


Add Life to Your Life

We often talk about our net worth. 

As a palliative care physician, I want you to consider your net peace. What can you do in life to add more value to your life?

How can you live your life intentionally while adding depth and meaning to your existence. 

Check out my 10 simple ways

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21 Tips for Digital Detox

We can only be in one place at a time. The power of this present moment is tied to our very intention of staying away from distractions. 

How can you unplug from the electronic world so you can stay connected to what matters most?

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Three Word Guide

As a palliative care physician, I have shared my tools to have easier difficult conversations with any one: Patients, their families or other caregivers. 

These tools work remarkably well with our own children as well. 

This simple guide has made life easy for so many of my colleagues. 

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My Coaching Philosophy

How to live a life on purpose

In Living Intentionally, you will learn to be aligned with your "why"

Your results will show up when you learn to get out of your own way

The only way to succeed is through failures: so keep going


I believe that it will take a full mind, body and soul experience for you to shift your life from being busy 'doing' to an 'intentional being'. 

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Developing awareness is paramount. What is happening in your life? How can we best develop awareness of our thoughts and understand our results?

As a certified mindfulness teacher, I want for you to develop an appreciation of this moment every single day. You may achieve this via our guided recordings, live sessions with our instructors or using an app of your choice. 

Yoga (Yin & Flow)

Through weekly practice of Yin and Flow yoga, you will learn ways to align your body with your mind. Yoga is a practice of quieting your mind by breath work as we use our body. Essentially, as one of my instructors says, yoga is  meditation in motion. While practicing yoga is not a requirement to succeed in this pace, it's my pleasure to add this as an active componenet of this practice.


Weekly group coaching

Live sessions. If you have never had the pleasure of being part of a group coaching program, you are in for a treat. Recognizing and normalizing our human experience and sharing our struggles, creates a highly impactful transformation. All available to be watched on demand at your convenience. 

Nice to meet you!

Aloha! I’m Faryal. As a physician caring for end of life patients, let me be the first to tell you: The best way to live your life fully and intentionally is with awareness, perspective and mindfulness.


In a perfect world, what would your life look like? How can I help you get you closer to the life that you deserve today?

Plan a visit with me to see how my comprehensive coaching program can truly be a right fit for you.

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Invest in yourself to experience a meaningful transformation: get unlimited access to all of my original weekly videos, worksheets, lessons and guided meditations. Surrounded by incredible women of deep strength, It’s the most supportive space to learn to live an intentional life on purpose- every single day.


"The best investment I have ever made in my life to create a better tomorrow for myself and my children!"

-My current client describing my program

Kayla C. , MD
Physician, wife, mother-of-special-needs child, Connecticut


I have a better relationship with my job: My job is different but even if it wasn't, my relationship with my job would be better even if I had never changed jobs.

I have a better relationship with my parents and siblings-- I am able to connect with them in love without getting caught up in their drama.

If you feel swept along by your busy schedule and at the end of your day you are left with frustration and fatigue and the nagging feeling that you didn't get to do what YOU want to do or questions like- is this really what I want from my life? Things look good on paper- so why am I not happy and satisfied with my life?

THIS program is how you figure it out.

As a palliative care doc, she shares her unique access to the intimate view from the mountain top at the end of life so that you can benefit from these insights NOW rather than get to the end of your life full of regret wishing you had done things differently before your time was up.

I also love that her perspective is deeply down-to-earth and grounded in her experience as an immigrant, a parent, a sister, and a person who has gone through divorce who also found her way to a marriage and a partnership, work, and a life aligned with her values.

If you are trying to find your way toward intentional life, this is your chance."

JK, Social Worker
Oahu, Hawaii

"As a social worker, I can sometimes feel that there is extra pressure to "have it all together." People turn to us for help, so it can be extraordinarily vulnerable to admit when we need help. I turned to Dr. Michaud out of desperation- I was not the parent that I wanted to be and something needed to change. I knew that something was me, but I didn't know how to change.

Working with Dr. Michaud helped me recognize my thought process. She patiently and supportively listened and asked pertinent, deep questions that uncovered my insecurities and fears, encouraging me to take the necessary steps to change my thinking, which would change my feelings and ultimately my behavior. Dr. Michaud is about positivity and empowerment. She practices what she preaches and is 100% relatable. She has many sayings that concisely capture her teachings and coaching lessons.

#1: You are not a painted wall."

Kim Kaffenbarger, MD
Palliative Care, New York

"I almost didn't take the leap of joining Dr. Michaud for a year's worth of coaching- what a mistake that would have been!
"Living Intentionally" has been a life changing experience for me. As a physician, woman, mom and wife, setting aside the time and the money for myself was a daunting commitment. It has turned out to be the best investment I have ever made! I am living my life more intentionally, and I have a new sense of calm and strength in my life.

I am also living my bucket list NOW- how fun!
The coaching has extended to every aspect of my life, and my interactions with family, peers and patients have improved because of the insight I am gaining into my inner thoughts and feelings. They yoga sessions are unlike any yoga I have taken in the past, and the instructors are the best that I have ever experienced. The journey with Faryal, Jen and Ami is a beautiful one, as you transform mind, body, and soul!"

The Grand Canyon

Nov 01, 2021

The Joy of Missing Out

Oct 10, 2021

New York City

Sep 26, 2021

Are You Distracted By Life?

Get access to my mini-course to take a 89 question, 5 section questionnaire to see if you struggle with Executive Function Deficit. 

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Your Net Peace is far more valuable than your Net Worth. It has been a privilege to have been a writer and a speaker to share my vision and pearls with our medical community. I continue to speak and write on behalf of the importance of living intentionally with medical students, residents and physicians in all stages of their lives. 

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