Before I die

#podcast Dec 30, 2022

Why do we reflect at the end of the year?

I think, it's similar to reflecting at the end of life. Except, we're not exactly dying. Some how, this reflection offers us a clean slate. A world of possibilities. Things can go right, why can't they?

Think about a patient who is faced with terminal cancer: The physician says there is a 5% survival rate. 

What do you think the patient believes? "I am shooting for the 5%". 

No matter how much we are plagued with negativity, end of the year brings a wind of positivity. Somehow next year could go better than this year. 

I can finally eat better. Working on my relationship with my partner, spouse, kids... 

I can get my act together and have better time management. 

There is a hope that if there is 5% chance of survival from all that weighed you down for the past decades of your life, you are going to beat it. 

So join me in this wonderful podcast where you will learn how to look at your life story (backwards and forwards) to get you to a place of acceptance and ACTION. 

And, if you want to join me to learn more about how to do just that, go to my website to sign up for the Intentional Living Coaching and Yoga program that starts TOMORROW. 

Do you want me to help you get your act together?!

As a palliative care physician, let me offer you the gift of perspective. As a mindfulness teacher, let me offer you the  acceptance of what your life is offering you today. As a certified life coach, let me share with you the tools to get you out of your own way to have the best life you can imagine starting today.

Do you want to live a more "Intentional Life"?

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