Losing Weight is Easy!

#acceptance #confidence #selfcare Jun 24, 2021

“The most important weight for you to lose is the weight of other people’s opinion of you".

This includes you. You are judging you. All the time. If you can't lose the weight you have been meaning to lose, well, that is the problem.

Once you stop judging yourself and the interpretation of the number on your scale, your weight comes off. Trust me.

I mean can you think of people who wish they were your weight? Yep...

I don’t know who said the above quote, but it could have been me. I know one thing: when I came across this statement, it occurred to me that I have known this and shared it with everyone I know for years. I mean, this is BEFORE I became a certified Weight and Life Coach.

When was the last time you stepped on a scale?
I hear people joke: I don’t need that type of negative energy in my life.

What’s your shoe size? Negative energy there, too?

I didn’t think so. Only rarely are people embarrassed of their shoe size (barring Cinderella’s sisters). Side note, stay away from men who would chase you down especially if you randomly run away from them. I digress.

I had a friend who was overweight. She loved shopping for shoes, because “They always fit, no matter what else is going on. They don’t judge me when I gain weight”

So to recap:

Size of shoes: Neutral
Number on the scale: Time to call in the Judge and the Jury!

Who cares how much you weigh? I am guessing you do. That is partly why you don’t get on the scale. Or if you do, you judge yourself mercilessly. Then you end up eating a tub of ice cream at the end of the day, because you might as well, right?

So tell me. How do you feel after you’ve had the tub of ice cream? Empowered or defeated? I am going to take a wild guess and say eating a pint of ice cream is probably not creating a feeling of empowerment for you.

I also want to tell you that the ice cream doesn’t care how you feel.

It is not trying to make you feel better. Do you know how I know this? It is not my drug of choice. I can have 18 tubs of ice cream in the fridge and have a complete nervous breakdown- I will not touch a single one of them. They do nothing for me. Before you think I am some sort of a mutant, I should share that I am a salty snacker. If you leave me a bag of Macadamia Nuts (or any salty nuts) anywhere in my pantry, I will be glad to ‘self-medicate’ when stressed.

Here is how you and I may be different though:

If I indulge in one (or two) handful of salted nuts, I don’t feel bad afterwards. I did it because I enjoyed them. If the scale budges tomorrow, I’ll tell myself:

"Of course you weigh two pounds more today, you had two pounds of salted this or that. You have retained more water. Nothing has gone wrong. You are not a terrible human being…"

Do not judge yourself when you step on the scale. That is a shortcut to feeding all the negative self-talk that you create in your head with “emotional eating”. No joke. Try it next time.

When you go to open the lid of the ice cream (or your drug of choice), ask yourself “Hey, what are you feeling/thinking right now?”. Catching yourself mid-act will work like a charm. Or opening the fridge door and saying out loud, “Nothing to see here.” Amazing.

So, in the next 3 months I am going to lose 15 pounds.

To be honest this will happen much quicker, but I want to be at least 15 lbs lighter in 3 months. Just in time for training for the Honolulu Marathon. In actuality, I don’t need to lose any weight. I have no medical conditions nor do I need to lose weight clinically. I am in the middle of my normal BMI. I am super content in my body. I am not the thinnest I have been in my life. But, I am the least judgy. So, I don’t mind if I gained a couple of pounds here or there.

Being on the lower end of my BMI has its benefits: Losing weight really helps me with my training. Less injury, quicker recovery and frankly much easier on my back and shoulders. I am built as a top heavy person so the majority of that weight will come off a part of my body that causes too much drag when running.

I am not “wondering” if I can lose this weight. It is good as done. I know how. Are you curious? I have clients that have lost 25-35 pounds in 4 months on this program. So if you are curious, just hop on social media. Follow me either on Dr. Faryal Michaud on Facebook or Instagram. I will try to share my tricks of the trade with you. I am going to speak both in Farsi and in English. So you get two for one! Although you may only understand one language, you’ll still reap the benefits.

Who wants to drop some judgement and drop some pounds for the summer?

Let’s go, everyone!

With so much love and Aloha.

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