"The gift of Mono-tasking"

#podcast Jan 13, 2023

I almost ran over a dog last week. 

It was horrible and I was shocked for a good hour afterwards. 

This got me thinking, if we are distracted by what is in the here and now, what are the chances that we may get into a car accident?

Getting ourselves, our loved ones or even other people's pets in danger. 

My clients struggle with mindfulness. They think it is about meditation in a quiet room on pillows with incense burning. While that is one type of meditation, the truth is the goal is to stay focused on the here and now: not be a victim to your constant stream of thinking; to rise above your drama and narratives you may be creating. 

This week's episode, I will share with you that a good practice of mindfulness can be our relationship with our driving. 

  • Are you paying attention?
  • Are you listening to a podcast?
  • Are you deep in thoughts listening to songs that can remind you of powerful emotions?

What if you turned all the distractions off?

And then, What if you only listened to the ambient noise and paid attention to the speed limit changes at every turn?

Do you want me to help you get your act together?!

As a palliative care physician, let me offer you the gift of perspective. As a mindfulness teacher, let me offer you the  acceptance of what your life is offering you today. As a certified life coach, let me share with you the tools to get you out of your own way to have the best life you can imagine starting today.

Do you want to live a more "Intentional Life"?

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