"A 5 Day Reset"

 Living Intentionally

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5 Days to True Transformation
From Chaos to Stillness


A Unique Self Guided Course

With Aloha From Hawaii


A comprehensive mind, body and soul RESET to help you get yourself back to focus for the start of the summer.


Tried and Tested for True Results 

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"5 Daily Guided Lessons and Immersive Coaching" 

I have made it my personal mission to help you live a more intentional life.

Let me help guide you answer 5 questions about your life to get you to be exactly where you want to be at right now...

  • Day One: The Where (where are you today and where do you want to be?)

  • Day Two: The Why (why is it important for you to no longer be where you are feeling stuck?)

  • Day Three: The What (what are ways that you are getting in your own way blocking your road to living intentionally)

  • Day Four: The How (what are my teaching tools that will set you free from worry and anxiety)

  • Day Five: The When (Deciding here and now when are you going to implent those changes to create the summer that would lead to an amazing year)



There is no "there" there ...


Aloha my friend,


Have you ever heard of:




I promise you that life is never better in another circumstance. When you change to get in to that circumstance, you will face another set of problems. Trust me, I see this in Palliative Medicine all the time. 


I am so happy you are here.

Have we met? 

You may know me from 

  • Physicians Living Intentionally FaceBook Group

  • Write Your Last Chapter Podcast and/or Blog

  • Empowering Women Physician Life Coaching

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  • The White Coat Investor Conference

  • Living Intentionally Coaching Program

My name is Faryal Michaud. I am a Board Certified Palliative Care Physician, Mindfulness Teacher and a certified Professional Life Coach. I have made it my mission to take away human suffering by even 5%. 

You don't have to have a serious illness for me to want to help you. 


I want you to live your full exceptional life experience today

Jump start your intention and pivot in the new year.


*Join me for my 5 day coaching program. 


This will be the best thing you ever did for yourself. 


If not now then when?

If not you then who?


"I know you're tired but come,

this is the way."




I am going to be honest with you:


No one is going to hand you the life you want to be living. You have to go out there and GET IT YOURSELF. 



What is the format?

  • Daily Lessons and Worksheets.

  • Recorded Daily Coaching with me to dive deep into our thoughts that keep us stuck. 

  • Two on-demand Yin Yoga Session with my program's own Certified Yoga and iRest Mindfulness Teachers, Ami Herzer and Gen Sawchuck.

  • Daily Workbook to Dive Deep into your thoughts and learn to have a new narrative

This Program is Custom-Made for a Subset of Women Physicians...


Women physicians who help everyone but themselves.

Women who feel guilty saying no to people.

Women wanting to be stronger, happier and more empowered in both personal and professional aspect of their lives.

Women who want to set goals and conquer them.

Anyone who has found my messages or podcasts to resonate with them.

Anyone who understands that the best gift they can give their loved ones is a happy, healthy thriving version of themselves. 

Then you are wondering: 

Isn't this everyone?

Well. You're right.


But not everyone wants to change their situation. 

World Class Yoga

Join my brilliant certified yoga teachers Ami and Gen, two of the most accomplished mindful instructors and compassionate human beings, as they lead you through live sessions of Yin and Flow yoga along with guided and iRest meditation. Sessions are recorded for on demand viewing.

Certified in more ways than one

Join me. I am a board certified internist and a palliative care physician. I happen to be a certified mindfulness teacher. For the last two years, I have made it my mission to help people (both well and seriously ill) to live an intentional life with my tools of teaching, public speaking and live weekly coaching as a professional certified life coach. 



100 % Money Back Guarantee*

  • 5 Daily online workbooks and Daily teachings to guide you through your feeling of 'being stuck'.
  • Daily Recorded  Coaching Sessions 
  • Lifetime access to the teaching material and coaching videos
  • Two Yin (gentle) Yoga sessions with guided and iRest meditation 
  • Creating roadmap to create real results
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For this moment in time, what if you could feel less chaos and more stillness?

My clients tell me that working with me leaves them feeling 'lighter' about their life. 

  • The stillness to be yourself
  • The stillness and courage to be disliked
  • The stillness to know what it is you want. 
  • The stillness to know what it is you don't want.
  • The stillness of having no expectations of others. 
  • The stillness of not taking life personally. 
  • The stillness of being the best mom -no matter what. 

Priscilla Vu, MD

"I've had such a great experience with the group coaching sessions. They have very relevant topics towards living a more joyful and intentional life. I learn so much from others getting coached as well as we share many of the same underlying concerns. It has been an eye opening experience. Dr. Michaud is such a beautiful personality and really great at guiding you through ways to improve your mindset. "

Beril Buluku, MD

"Group coaching with Dr. Michaud has been amazing. She has a special talent in coaching along with a deep wisdom and a lot of compassion. She has helped make fundamental leaps in my time management, emotional eating and most importantly awareness of unintentional working models. I am very grateful. "

Kim Kaffenbarger, MD

"I almost didn't take the leap of joining Dr. Michaud for a year's worth of coaching- what a mistake that would have been!

"Living Intentionally" has been a life changing experience for me. As a physician, woman, mom and wife, setting aside the time and the money for myself was a daunting commitment. It has turned out to be the best investment I have ever made! I am living my life more intentionally, and I have a new sense of calm and strength in my life.

I am also living my bucket list NOW- how fun!

The coaching has extended to every aspect of my life, and my interactions with family, peers and patients have improved because of the insight I am gaining into my inner thoughts and feelings. They yoga sessions are unlike any yoga I have taken in the past, and the instructors are the best that I have ever experienced. The journey with Faryal, Jen and Ami is a beautiful one, as you transform mind, body, and soul!"